Our first of what I hope to be many local business partnerships is with Dropwise Aromatherapy located in Truro, N.S. Dawn Canning, owner and trained aromatherapist, is providing a large variety of essential oils along with the ability to create custom blends. I'm so excited to share the news that Dawn has developed seven exclusive "Chakra" inspired custom blended essential oils for use with our Karma by Design eye pillows with individually sewn and attached lava beads. Of course, these eye pillows can also be used with any scented essential oil, but I've personally tried all seven custom blends from Dropwise Aromatherapy and am having a hard time picking which I like the most as they are all very unique and well blended, Feel free to drop by Dawn's store in Truro or browse our product catalogue online where you can buy her custom blends on their own under essential oils by Dropwise Aromatherapy.